Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the NIH’s Long Term Administrative Services (LTASC) Contract:

Q: Who is GAP Solutions?
A: GAP Solutions Inc. (GAPSI) is a federal contracting and consulting firm based out of Reston, VA. GAPSI has provided quality services to federal clients for over 10 years. GAPSI was started in July of 1999 by Liz Gavin and Terry Pao.

Q: What is LTASC, and what is its purpose?
A: LTASC is the NIH’s “Long Term Administrative Support Contract”. The NIH has contracted with a select number of experienced service providers to provide nationwide long-term administrative support services to support the NIH’s mission of medical research. The LTASC contract will allow the NIH to transition many contractors who presently work on multiple contracts at NIH, under one umbrella contract.

Q: How does GAP Solutions fit into LTASC?
A: GAPSI is one of the 25 Prime Vendors that has been selected by the NIH for LTASC.

Q: Why should I choose GAP Solutions?
A: GAPSI is one of the largest vendors on LTASC and provides a proven track history of supporting federal clients and providing their employees with an enjoyable and professional work environment.

Q: How long is the LTASC contract?
A: Each contract is for one (1) base year plus four (4) option years for a total of up to 5 years.

Q: What benefit package is offered by GAP Solutions?
A: GAPSI provides a strong benefit packages including health, vision, dental, and life insurance including flexible spending accounts, and short and long term disability coverage.

Q: What is the Letter of Commitment?
A: The Letter of Commitment is submitted with each proposal to indicate that the candidate submitted is interested in the vendor and LTASC. While the NIH does not require this for any responses GAPSI has chosen to collect them to protect you as a potential candidate. By signing a Letter of Commitment you are certifying to the NIH that you have spoken company representatives and have agreed to allow GAP Solutions to propose you a potential candidate.

Q: Do I have to stay in my current position?
A: LTASC offers each employee the ability to pursue other avenues of employment, if desired.

Q: How many openings are there? Where are they located?
A: There are approximately 800 hundred positions covered under the LTASC umbrella. Locations cover all NIH nationwide facilities including: DC Metro Area, Ohio, North Carolina, Montana, Arizona, Massachusetts, and Idaho.

Q: I’ve been contacted by many companies for these opportunities, how do I know which is best?
A: The suggested course of action is to speak to the companies that you feel will represent you the best. While each person has their own requirements, generally the factors to consider are pay, benefits, paid time off, and company strength, among others.

Q: Who do I contact?
A: You may contact GAP Solutions general number at 703-707-2090 and be transferred to an available representative, or contact Kevin Cole directly at 703-964-1559.

Q: What can I expect if I call GAP Solutions?
A: You will receive a professional, courteous, quick response. Your questions will be clearly and thoroughly addressed to provide a better understanding of the most important considerations before committing to any company.

See what others are saying:
“[GAPSI]’s help throughout this process has been extremely helpful. I was able to make a strong, educated decision about what I wanted to do.”

“[GAPSI] was very upfront and honest about the contract. I learned more about the contract and the transition from this phone call than from speaking with several other companies.”


Team GAP Solutions has over 25 years of experience providing quality professional, management and administrative support services to the federal government and specializes in placing long-term administrative support staff.

Using proven recruitment strategies Team GAP Solutions’ recruiters ensure that LTASC employees not only meet, but also exceed qualifications outlined in Task Orders. All candidates go through a comprehensive screening process to measure their professional aptitude and confirm that their credentials are a match with those outlined in Task Orders. Additionally, team GAP Solutions’ comprehensive benefits package, which exceeds industry and SCA standards, enhances our ability to recruit and retain desirable employees.

Team GAP Solutions offers the NIH a highly responsive management team, proven to be effective for use in administrative support contracts. Team GAP Solutions’ management has extensive experience working with the NIH. Our management team is familiar with NIH administrative procedures and is trained in various systems utilized throughout the NIH. This allows us to provide effective guidance and support to all Team GAP Solutions’ employees deployed at NIH through the LTASC contract.

Our nationwide operations include facilities that are conveniently located near NIH facilities, we are and headquartered in the DC Metropolitan area. Team GAP Solutions’ close proximity to all campuses of the NIH enables us to be readily available to provide on-site support.

Team GAP Solutions has worked with the NIH for over 5 years and has longstanding contracts with 20 of the NIH’s 27 IC’s including: OD, NCI, NHLBI, NIAAA, NLM, NIDDK, NIAID, and other NIH IC’s.

Procuring Services:

The following positions are covered under the NIH-LTASC Contract:

Office Support Services Facility Services Support Travel Support Services Meeting Support Services Mail Support Services Procurement Support Services Property Management Support Services Personnel Support Services Publication Support Services Please click here for a detailed document of the responsibilities of each of the positions outlined above.

Below are simple and quick steps to follow when procuring Team GAP Solutions’ services using the NIH Long-Term Administrative Support Services Contract.