Employee Appreciation Week

Employee Appreciation Week

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Employee Appreciation Day is a big deal at GAP Solutions – so instead of just making it a single-day event, we decided to make it all week long. Celebrating our employees and your hard work is something GAP is passionate about because our employees are the pillars of our success. For our weeklong employee appreciation event, we held theme days where employees had the opportunity to enter a personal picture participating in the theme. The photo gave everyone extra chances to win a $100 gift card to some great places. Then, every day at 12:00pm and 4:00pm, our HR team would randomly select two employees through an automated name generator at each time increment to win a prize. Once winners were decided, our HR team would send an email company-wide announcing the winners and celebrating those individuals. The themes and winners of each day’s event were…

Day 1: Sports Jersey Day Winners: Kile Casey, Tracy Webb, Brittany Suber, and Ebony Smith
Day 2: Do What You Love Winners: Hania Bisat, Mackenzie Curnutt, Joe Giambalvo, and Eryn Goldsberry-Futrell
Day 3: Health & Fitness Winners: Julie Stanley, Calvin Finney, Gary Gettier, and Yolanda Roach
Day 4: Throwback Thursday Winners: Chris Horton, David Means, Reynaldo Ramirez, and Gabriella Gervasio
Day 5: Show Us Your Hat Winners: Brooke Farmer, Timothy Stinnett, Vivian Harrison, and Corbin Ford

In addition to our theme day winners, our HR team awarded (randomly generated) ten surprise $25 Target gift cards to the employees below.

Surprise Winners: Aijan McHale, Brieanne Hazzard, Cecilia Briones, Constance Chandler, Jacqueline Pinkney, Kelly Choi, Olivia Starr, Robert Kleisley, Robin Bush, and Sarah Peter

While we usually thank and appreciate our employees in person, we decided to make it a virtual, interactive, and more extended celebration this year. We couldn’t do the work and be the company we are today without you. We are so thankful for your dedication through the global pandemic, and want to continue to appreciate you every single day of the year.

THANK YOU… for helping Promote And Protect The Health And Security Of Our Nation!