GSA Schedules

The General Services Administration (GSA) provides federal agencies with a streamlined procurement device to access a variety of services. GAP Solutions’ GSA schedules provide our customers with management consulting and training, program management, information technology, human resources, records management, and logistics services.

GAP Solutions currently holds the following schedules:

  • Professional Services Schedule (PSS)– Contract GS-00F-076CA and includes SIN 874 1 (Integrated Consulting Services), 874 501 (Supply and Value Chain Management Services), 874 7 (Integrated Business Program Support Services) , C132 51 (General Purpose Commercial Information Technology (IT) Equipment Services, and C595 21 (Human Resources & Equal Employment Opportunity Services).
  • GSA Schedule 738X – Human Resources & Equal Employment Opportunity Services – Contract GS-02F-0083V – SIN 595-21 (Human Resource Services)
  • GSA Schedule 70 – General Purpose Commercial Information Technology Equipment, Software, and Services – Contract GS-35F-0514M – SIN 132-51 (Information Technology Professional Services)
  • GSA Schedule 36 – Office, Imaging, and Document Solutions – Contract GS-03F-027BA – SIN 51-504 (Records Management Services)