The Human Capital and Training Solution (HCaTS) contract is the result of a partnership between The U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) and the General Services Administration (GSA).

GAP Solutions is a Prime vendor for the unrestricted Government-wide vehicle under Pool 2. Through GSA and OPM, buyers can procure customized services through  Direct or Assisted Acquisition.

GAP’s capabilities under this vehicle include, but are not limited to: Customized Training and Development Services, Customized Human Capital Strategy Services, and Customized Organizational Performance Improvement.

For more information can be found through the Government HCaTS Website.

GAP Prime Contract Information:
HCaTS Pool 2 Contract Number: GS02Q16DCR0049
(NAICS Codes 541611, 541612, 541613, 541618, 611710)
DUNS Number: 120 439 869
Period of Performance: May 12, 2016 – May 10, 2021
Contract Type: Fixed-Price (all types), Cost-Reimbursement (all types), Time-and-Materials, and Labor-Hour). Task orders may also combine more than one contract type (e.g., FFP/Cost, FFP/Labor-Hour, etc.)

GAP Contract POCs:
Martin Rathmann, Director of Business Development
703-964-1570 |

Edsson Contreras, Contracts Manager
703-964-1569 |