Process Management – Benefits Administration

Process Management – Benefits Administration

Improvement of Services to Stakeholders through Quality Assurance and Proactive Communication Tools

GAP Solutions manages the end to end solution for a childcare subsidy program on behalf of a federal client. We ensure compliant eligibility determination for beneficiaries, administer subsidy payments to childcare providers, and provide customer service via a GAP Solutions contact center. Our team reviews and approves member and provider applications for childcare against contractual agreements within each state and territory’s Child Care Development Fund Plan (CCDF) in conjunction with the Child Care and Development Block Grant Act of 1990 ((42 U.S.C. 9858n (5)).

When GAP Solutions assumed responsibility for the program from the outgoing contractor, a backlog of application approvals and payments existed. In addition, because both the CCDFs for each state/territory and the Child Care and Development Block Grant Act of 1990 are subject to annual updates, GAP Solutions needed to review each state’s regulations immediately to ensure subsidy payments were accurate and allowable. Finally, no quality assurance method for reviewing vendors and payments existed.

We implemented several quality assurance initiatives based upon our ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System. We partnered with the federal agency to streamline and automate eligibility checks for beneficiaries. We perform quality assurance checks at multiple stages of the process, including upon receipt of the initial attendance sheet from the member/provider, calculation of the subsidy utilizing an award calculator, and entry of data into the accounting system. We support regular internal and external audits of the process.

Because subsidies for the program are governed by the agency’s program requirements, as well as eligibility requirements under the CCDF plans adopted by each state/territory, we proactively review and update state regulations to ensure compliance with allowable subsidy determinations.

To improve communications with program stakeholders and to allow for effective dissemination of program information regarding eligibility criteria, frequently asked questions (FAQ’s), CCDF plans and all necessary forms and materials (i.e. applications, attendance sheets, etc.),GAP Solutions created the AmeriCorps Child Care website, The website serves as a repository of useful information and links for providers and members and includes fact sheets and FAQ’s.

Our team successfully eliminated the initial backlog of applications and vouchers and our ISO 9001:2008 quality assurance practices have resulted in an improvement in the accuracy and timeliness of payments. Through successful administration of the Benefit System, we ensure grant funds are issued in compliance with program policies, and to reduce the potential for waste, fraud or abuse. We provide information assurance, data integrity, and system security operating under an Authority to Operate (ATO) in accordance with FISMA and NIST standards. The website provides a value-add to members by allowing them to apply online, download forms and CCDF plans, and obtain information about state and program requirements.

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